Sunday, October 4, 2015

SEMO Football Game

The night of Emory's birthday was the first SEMO home football game.  We are working with the college students at church now, and it's been AWESOME!  We were having a big tailgate/kick-off and so after naps we headed over to Houck Stadium to get ready for some FOOTBALL!

Grandpa stopped by our tailgate before heading in to the game to work the chains. 

Redhawks Walk...the players walk through a couple of hours before the game...

Tailgate Time!

The alumni group has a big bounce house for the kids...woohoo!

We didn't all smash under the tent the whole time...but it drizzled for like ten minutes...

Emory favorite boy "Mister Ca-wub" (Caleb) brought stickers to her for her birthday...she was decorated up before game time.  =)

Love sharing our love of football with our fun!

And then the moment Brynn had been waiting for...Grandpa had promised her that this season she could go with him on the field before the game.  She was SO EXCITED!

I remember going on the field with my dad when I was in maybe sixth or seventh grade before the games...the players seemed HUGE and the cheerleaders seemed SO cool!  I wonder what goes on in Brynn's little mind as she took it all in...

She got to listen in to the chain crew meeting...

and watch the players warming up.

During the first quarter my mom (who isn't really a big football fan) said she would pick Emory up so we could stay with the college kids and watch the game.  Brynn stayed with us and did really good!  But Emory got to have grandma time...she gets pretty antsy after a quarter...


Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Emory's SECOND Birthday Party - MINNIE STYLE!

We had a fun Minnie-themed party for our families to celebrate Emory turning TWO!  Brynn wanted to wear her Bat-Girl costume, and you know what...sometimes you just say YES!

Thankfully Emory was good wearing a little Minnie Mouse dress... =)

I bought a package of Minnie ears and everyone had fun getting festive with them.  =)

Gigi and Mrs. Betty

Aunt Tina, Granny, and Grandma!

Pamaw, Mrs. Betty, and Aunt Kim

Two of Emory's great-grandmas...Gigi and Granny!  So special that they were able to celebrate with us.  My Grandma Sally is not really able to travel (she lives in Perryville), but it is amazing that three of the girls great-grandma's are still here and the girls get to see them on a regular basis.  

The kids were playing outside, but then we came in to sing Happy Birthday and start eating.  (Notice Ryan's celebratory outfit...Brynn begged him to wear his Batman outfit...HILARIOUS!)

Yep...Brynn wanted the mask in the picture...I have no words..

And then Ryan said "and we've GOT to take one without this!" HA! 

For mid-September, it was a GORGEOUS day.  Probably the BEST day in September we've had...we opened up the sets of french doors and let the air blow in.  It was WONDERFUL.  It was maybe 69 or 70 degrees, sunny, just beautiful!

The kids played outside...(and side note...I can't believe how far the back yard has come since this picture...Ryan's been moving dirt in and planting tons more grass seed, and WOW...I can't believe it looked like this two or three weeks ago..Good job honey!)

What a GREAT GREAT day celebrating our sweet and spunky little Emory!