Saturday, February 6, 2016

Mrs. Jan

Footprints lost an amazing treasure this past week as our beloved Mrs. Jan passed away after a short fight with cancer.  She was the assistant teacher in the Pre-K class for the last 7 years so I've gotten the privilege of working with her for three years, and this year she was Brynn's assistant teacher!  She was also a very active member of our church (and her daughter and my sister played sports together and graduated from high school so she's been a family friend for many years.)  Working with her was such a blessing.  She was always so encouraging to me as a young mom and was always making me laugh!  She was such an many times she would go above and beyond to do things for other people and never wanted anyone to know she was the one who did it.  I want to be like her in so many ways and I'm so blessed by the time I spent with her!

The kids in her class made Footprints and the florist used them to make one of the most beautiful arrangements for Jan's visitation and funeral. 

 Mrs. Jan loved Jesus and that was evident in everything she did and said.  We are so sad that she is no longer with us but I can only imagine what she is experiencing in Heaven with Him!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Sesame Street Live - Emory's First "Show"

One of Emory's Christmas presents from my parents was tickets to see Abby and Elmo in "Sesame Street Live!"  She had been talking about it non-stop..."when we see Abby and Elmo?"  She was SO EXCITED!

Brynn said she thought it was probably going to be a show for little babies but all the way there she was SO EXCITED too!  She kept saying "this is it guys!"  =)

The place was a little crazy because there were so many little kids there all running around, but that just made it more fun. And of course Emory can't sit still for two seconds (actually she would look for Abby and Elmo and yell "where elmo?"  So funny!

My mom got the tickets and we were in the FOURTH ROW!  It was awesome to be so close and really helped the girls stay into the show.

Emory first real "show" was a big success!  We love Abby and Elmo!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

First Snow - 2016

We finally had a little bit of snow!  The night it started the girls were SO EXCITED!  

Had to check out the snow after bath time!

We only got a couple of inches but the girls were so excited to go play in it.  =)


We even went around the back and played on our swing-set and slid down the slide in the snow!  The girls thought it was SO COOL!  Then we came up to the back deck and tried to build a snowman.  We couldn't build very big ones, but here was "Olaf" and his little friends.  =)

We enjoyed our day off from school!  WOOHOO for SNOW DAYS!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Headbands and Legos

Took some fun pictures with my big girl!  

Brynn got some Legos for Christmas and we had such a great time putting them together!  We've gotten a couple new sets in the last couple of weeks and they are A BLAST!  I feel like it's such a great activity for their little brains, and also a fun activity that we can do together.  Brynn and Ryan spent like three or four straight hours putting together this cupcake shop.  I could totally tell he felt like he was a kid again, putting together a model train or something!  HA!

How cute is this?  And the details were awesome!  They put together a tiny kitchen aid mixer, tiny cupcakes, etc.  all out of legos!  WHO KNEW THEY WERE THIS COOL!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Valentine Cookie Pre-Order!

When I do holiday cookies I usually make a couple of sets a month early so I can post them for people to see.  I was getting ready for my Valentine's cookies!

When we baked I let Brynn roll out and decorate a few with the leftover dough and icing...she loves to decorate the cookies!

Here is the set for Valentine's Day 2016!   They sold out super quickly and I'm so thankful to be able to do something fun/creative!

Bring on the carpal tunnel!  HA!

Sunday, January 31, 2016

January Randoms

My mom got the girls these lap things for the car and they are so cool!  The girls love taking them along to write and color on in the car!

In the last couple of months I've noticed a HUGE difference in the girls playing...Emory is finally getting old enough to "play" with Brynn and they will actually go upstairs together when I'm cooking or folding laundry and they play together.  It's awesome!  Not that I don't hear squawking and yelling from time to time, but they are actually using their imaginations together to play store or babies, etc.  It's really neat to see!  (And usually a HUGE mess too!  HA!)

Ryan pulled his hamstring playing basketball (he says he's getting too old! HA!) and a couple of days later he started bruising...(sorry for the thigh shots...I'm sure I'll hear about this from Erika!)

And then a couple of days later...

Isn't that gross!  And yes, he still has pink toenails from when Elfie painted them in December! HA!

Brynn LOVES to help cook!

This girl loves her sleep!  She was still out one morning even with me making noise and turning the light on to get ready for preschool!

Brynn and Abby at school!  So cute!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Family BOWLING Night!

Sunday night we had a back to school bowling event for the college students.  We all ate at Pagliai's and then headed to the bowling alley.  My girls LOVE anytime we have college stuff and they were so excited to see the "college kids" and also to go bowling with their cousins!

So excited to go bowling together!

These two were having fun watching Barbie while we all bowled!  HA!

Fun fact - I bowled the two best games of my life!  I guess your 30's are the decade you start being good at things like bowling?  HAHA!  We had such a great night with everyone and loved taking the girls bowling!