Monday, June 29, 2015

Time Flies When You're Having Fun!

My girls have LOVED making yogurt pops...thank you $1 popsicle thingie from Walmart...HA!

Added some Target pillows for a pop of color in our bedroom.  I still can't decide what to put in the frames above our bed...

Emory's hair is almost long enough for a ponytail!

Ever since Brynn's dance recital she has been dancing all the time to the music stations on the TV...her favorites are the Fiesta Station or Light Clasical (which she says is the ballet channel).  =)

We headed to Sunny Hill for more plants and the girls did a special "plant a sunflower" activity since it was the first Saturday of the month.  I wish I would have taken a picture of Emory...she "planted" her sunflower seed by dumping the ENTIRE cup of soil all over her head...OH MY!

Silly girls...

Ryan is on the Friends of Saint Francis board and we had a fun date night at their annual award banquet...

We got to go to Frankie and Colton's birthday party... Emory has missed her Mr. Dave...we used to live right across the street but since we moved she hasn't seen him nearly as much! =(

If it's super rainy Ryan likes us to bring the cushions started sprinkling the other day but we knew it was supposed to downpour later in the day, so Brynn says "DON'T WORRY...I have my umbrella!"  It was hilarious...she went out and got all the cushions!

Deanna took some pictures of the girls one morning just for a quick thing...

I can't believe how quickly life is flying by...time really does fly when you are having fun!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sweet Summertime!

Summertime means lazy days, no big agendas, and spur of the moment fun!

It was 50 cent corn dog day at Sonic toward the end of May!

Snow cone fun...

Walks on the bike trail...

The morning after Brynn's dance recital Ryan worked out and when he came home he brought donuts for everyone!  YUMMY BREAKFAST!

Diner with friends at one of my favorite places...Pagliai's Pizza!

One of my new favorite things we've done this summer is hiking along some conservation nature trails...the girls love it!  We've had picnics and hiked several times...including the time I took the girls by myself and we saw a SNAKE!  And then a huge lizard (which I later looked up and it is called a SKINK).  SCARY!  AHHHHHH!

Super-Star hikers...

There are lots of birthdays in May and June...Kyle and Jason at the end of May, and then me, Charli, and Ryan in June...we've had lots of fun birthday dinners at Pamaw and Papaws!

Cooking dinner with these two is never dull...I was cooking the other day and looked at the table and the girls were doing this...HILARIOUS!

We've been to Melaina's Park several times and the girls love to play and swing!

Here is Brynn pretending to sleep while swinging...=)

Fresh summer haircuts...

And a fun little project in the playroom...our church was cleaning out its huge storage room and we stopped by one day to pick something up from church.  We were in the work room with my boss and she was like " your girls want any of this stuff because it's getting thrown away?"  Of course Brynn was so excited for this huge bag of poms...but I was thinking "what are we going to do with all of those?"  After they got thrown around my room and the girls rooms a couple of times (what a MESS!)  we decided to make a pom garland.  They look cute and they make NO MESS up on the walls!

Brynn even helped string them!

Summertime how we love you!

Saturday, June 27, 2015


This past May Brynn finished her very first year of dance class!  She was in a beginning class taught by Miss Lauren!  

The day of the dress rehearsal I finished up some little ballerina cookies for Brynn and all her little dance buddies...they turned out pretty cute!  She loved them!

She had her first recital at the end of May and she was SO EXCITED!  Her costume was ADORABLE and she LOVED strutting around the house in it!

She had dress rehearsal the day before the show...she was so excited she could not sleep at all for nap.  =)

I couldn't take pictures during the real performance, but dress rehearsal was adorable!

One of her best buds from school and church was in her class!  

On the day of the show she kept saying she couldn't sleep...she was too excited.  So we got in the car and within a few minutes she got in a good nap!  Whew!  I knew she would need one!

Getting to the River Campus for the recital!

She did GREAT!  She smiled the whole time and got up on that stage and did her best!  YAY BRYNN!

Ansley's class was performing the next night, and Brynn wanted to go and watch so back we went!  Ansley was great!

It's been such a great year in dance and I'm looking forward to lots more recitals in her future!