Tuesday, March 17, 2015

St. Louis Trail Race

The last weekend in February we took a mini road-trip to St. Louis to watch Ryan run in a 9 mile trail race.  Last year the weather was pretty nice and it was fun running around to watch Ryan.  This year, however, was ANOTHER STORY.  It was not even 20 degrees when we got there.  So the girls and I got out and walked with Ryan to the check-in area.  By the time he got his packet, we were FREEZING.  So the girls and I  headed back to the car and went shopping at Home Goods for awhile while Ryan ran!

By the time he would be almost finished, we drove back to the race, parked illegally right by the finish =), and got to watch him a couple times...and then watched him cross the finish line!  It worked out perfectly!

Brynn was so funny...she kept saying "You know what Mrs. Ginger says (that's one of her teachers)...if you are cold, just RUN around really fast!"  Then she proceeded to run around in circles for like ten minutes.  I know it doesn't sound funny on here, but it was just one of the funny moments you want to remember.

Both the girls were cheering...it was really cute!  Brynn was yelling "GO Daddy!"  And Emory was just yelling "DADDY! DADDY!"

Brynn got to go skating! HA!

The race was near the Chesterfield Mall, so we stopped by to look at the American Girl store and to walk around the mall a bit.  We had SO MUCH FUN!

Look at this new bakery set...I just LOVED this.  I may have pushed a couple of kids out of the way to look at it...HA!

(Note our little Puma running sets?  Brynn says "I like this because it has a JAGUAR on it!"  )  I don't even know if that's a jaguar or how she knows what a jaguar is!

He's a good Dad for indulging us and letting us look around!

Then we headed to the Food Court..YUM!

When we got on the road around 2 these two were out within seconds!

It started snowing like crazy...thankfully we made it home fine.


Sunday, March 15, 2015

February Randoms

February has been a great month!  Here are some random pictures from this past month...

Got some cool princess canvas's for the upstairs...i just LOVE sitting up there and looking at them...they are really cute!

Emory started running a fever at school on a Tuesday...since Ryan was off he came and picked her up...but he was supposed to get his hair cut.  So he took Emory with him and he said it was quite interesting...but I think she did pretty good.  He always gets his hair cut by his favorite barber...Sisco (or Cisco...not sure how you spell his name).   He has this little shop on Broadway that Ryan has gone to for a long time.  

Brynn loves little treasures and one of the teachers at the preschool gave her something their class had made...she was in heaven and it followed us around the house for a week!

Waiting at the doctor one day...a lady SERIOUSLY asked me if my girls were twins.  I just sat there IN SHOCK.  What was she smoking??

Do my girls look the same age?  I think not.

Clearly we were the only ones in the waiting room...

After the dentist presentation at school she has been all about flossing...

Ryan and Brynn went to a Father-Daughter dance (post coming soon!) and while they were at the dance, Pam, Sarah, and I took Hollyn and Emory to the hibachi grill for a little girls night.  =)

Had a girls night with some of my favorites and went to Mario's.  I ordered the Calzone and it was seriously the size of a canoe.  This picture doesn't do it justice.

We were cooking dinner one night and Brynn asked if she could try to help peel the potatoes.  She did AMAZING.  She seriously peeled two potatoes all by herself!

And in true Emory form, she just kept trying to eat the potatoes.  Yes...there is a knife in the picture.  I moved it immediately...no harm done.

Brynn drew this at school...I LOVE kid pictures!

Brynn knew that my mom was going to the Disney store, so she wanted me to make sure to tell her that 'IF Grandma wanted to get some of these for her birthday, that she didn't have Elsa or Belle or Ariel.  HA!


The girls were matching for church AND we were ON TIME!

Emory thought she was big stuff at church...