Monday, April 27, 2015

Brynn's FOURTH Birthday - Sunday

Brynn's real birthday was on Sunday, the 22.  While we were getting ready for church she got to open some presents...a special fishing pole, t-ball stuff, and a few other things.  We even had some leftover birthday cake for breakfast!  YUMMY!

Birthday cake and little smokies...birthday breakfast of champions!

After church we headed over to my mom's house to celebrate Brynn and my sister's birthdays!

Fun with Uncle Curt =)

We had brought her new t-ball set over to my parents and we had fun all playing around...

We had a yummy birthday lunch...then pictures with the birthday girls.

Happy Birthday Aunt Lindsey and Brynn!

Lindsey and Curt had to leave around 2, and we put Emory down for a nap at my parents.  Then me, my mom, Brynn, and Ryan all headed to the movies to watch the new Cinderella movie for Brynn's birthday.  It was SO GOOD!

Later that night we used Brynn's new fishing pole to go fishing in the pond...Brynn helped find all the worms (I was really surprised!) and she and Ryan caught 4 fish!

Then here's the craziest thing...Brynn asked if we could cook the fish.  Of course Ryan was like "oh yeah!"  So he seriously filleted (I don't know how to spell that...ha!) them and put some seasoning on them and we ATE THEM!  They were pretty small so it was more like little fish "bites"....

Both girls LOVED the fish and they ate the whole plate...I was so surprised that it was really good.  We all kept laughing and saying "isn't it crazy that 30 minutes ago these fish were SWIMMING in our pond!"


Sunday, April 26, 2015

Brynn's FOURTH Birthday - Fancy Nancy Family Party

Saturday evening, March 22, we had a big family party for Brynn!  It was Fancy Nancy themed and we asked anyone who wanted to, to dress up for the party.  We had such a good time eating, visiting, and watching Brynn open presents.  We even had a little fashion show!  Here are a billion pictures from the special evening...

We had lots of fun putting sticky jewels on the forks and spoons!

How awesome was my Dad!

Lindsey and Curt brought music and we had a dance party!

Camden getting the fashion show kicked off...

Jason is an awesome MC!

Oh comes Ryan...

Brynn loved her mixer from Aunt Lindsey and Uncle Curt...once the party was "over" they stayed to visit a little bit and we had to make some cupcakes!

This year was the Year of getting Palace Pets and Brynn LOVES playing with them!

We had such a great time!  We may just have to ask everyone to dress up next year too!  HA!