Thursday, January 29, 2015

New Year's Eve - Last post from 2014!

New Year's Eve was SO MUCH FUN!  We got together with some of our closest friends for some much needed adult time, while our girls had a ball with their babysitter.

On New Year's Eve morning, Ryan had to work so the girls and I made some desserts and ran some errands, then came home and Brynn wanted to "decorate" for her "party".  She was really excited about having a special babysitter for the night,  We had to use a purple tablecloth and leftover birthday plates...and we couldn't forget the sparkly sequin confetti and the poppers!

I got some "New Year's Eve" crowns for our party, and Brynn saw this crown at Wal-Mart...I didn't have the heart to explain that it didn't say "Happy New Year's" because she was so excited about it!  HA!

I can't remember what this envelope was supposed to say...maybe "Happy New Year's?"  LOL!

When Ryan got home from work someone had given him this hat for the girls...

We finished getting ready and then the babysitter came over around 5:30.  We headed to dinner with friends and then to my sister-in-law's house for games and fun!

We had SUCH a fun night of playing games and hanging out with our friends...we played some hilarious games and had SUCH a good time.  Much needed adult/friend time!  So thankful for our crew!

We had told Brynn that she could stay up late with the babysitters, and that she could just sleep in our room when we got home.  When we got back around 1, the babysitter had moved Brynn into our bed and she was ZONKED.  They said she made it until 11:17!  HA!

We all got up late the next day and celebrated with a HUGE bubble bath!

2014 was an amazing eventful year!  Emory went from a 3 month old newborn in January 2014 to a walking, jabbering toddler!  Brynn went from a 2 1/2 year old to an almost 4 year old!  We watched our new house go from a big hole in the ground, to our forever home.  Ryan continued to flourish in his job at Saint Francis, and I continued to work part-time at our church preschool and stay home with our girls, and began to do cookies as a side job.   We are so excited about what 2015 will bring.  We look forward to continuing to settle in to our new home, watch our girls learn and grow, and make special memories with our family and friends.  We are so thankful for each of you and pray you have a New Year full of God's blessings!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

November/December cookies

November and December were CRAZY with cookies...I decided I'm slowing down a bit in the New Year.  HA!  Here are most of the cookies I did the last couple of months...

Thanksgiving cookies.  I loved how the big turkey turned out!

 Monster first birthday cookies...

Boy baby shower cookies for my cousin Tarah (who just had baby Asa a couple of weeks ago!)  These were the FIRST cookies I baked in the new house!


Mermaid birthday cookies for Jennilee's girls party...I wish I had taken some better up close...I LOVED the starfish and shells and seahorses!

These cookies were used to ask people to be in someone's wedding!  Each bridesmaid got a calendar cookie, dress, ring, and another cookie that actually said "will you be my Bridesmaid?"

 Lego Ninjago...good thing I asked my neighbor what "lego ninjago" was...I would have made lego blocks...turns out it's not lego blocks at all! HA!

Gender reveal party cookies...

And then the Christmas cookies began...I really LOVED making Christmas cookies...but by the end of December I was glad they were OVER! HA!

Ugly sweater cookies for someone's Christmas party...HILARIOUS!

I LOVE animal friend Kristal's baby sprinkle.

Sorry I didn't turn these correctly (yes Erika did tell me how to do it).  Winter "ONEderland" birthday!

Then in a span of a couple of days I did a BILLION Christmas cookies...HA!  I seriously felt like I needed carpal tunnel surgery after this order...I think I did 20 dozen that week!

Cookies for some friends who surprised their kids with a CRUISE for Christmas!

Circus first birthday cookies...

And more Frozen.

It was a busy couple of months of cookies, but I'm thankful for a creative outlet and for a fun side job to support my decorating habit...HA!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Christmas Decorations in the NEW HOUSE, and Randoms...

We still have a LOT to do/decorate in our new house, but here are a few pictures from what our house looked like this VERY FIRST Christmas!

Master bedroom...

Family room...

Coming in the front door...(with random "crib part turned into makeshift baby gate" hanging out upstairs...ha!)

Looking in the front door...

Powder room off the main hallway.

Mantle!  I LOVE having a fireplace!

It was really exciting being in our house for Christmas!

Here are some other random pictures...a few from Christmas at my parents that I forgot to add.

Emory kept trying to drink out of the toy tea-pot just like this!  HA!

Breakfast with my favorite girls!

Playing with Christmas toys.

Finishing up her last couple of soccer games...

She got SO MUCH BETTER at being goalie!

Taking DOWN all the Christmas decorations was sad...and our house looked SO BARE!  We've done a lot of decorating this January (my husband is probably ready for me to be done with that!  HAHA!) Here's the mantle now...

Random leak in the laundry room...awesome!  (The hose came out of the drain...yikes!)

Eating some Mexican food before the Christmas tournament one night...Emory is a huge fan of all "dips."

Snowman class at the library...

Learning about the wise men with our Sunday School class...

WHEW!  Now that January is almost over, I'm finally almost done blogging about December! I am hoping to get all caught up soon so I can print off the 2014 Blog Book!  =)