Monday, October 20, 2014

Footprints Fall Party

At the beginning of October we had a special fall party at Footprints (the preschool at church where I work).  I was kind of "in charge" of the party and I think it turned out great!  Each class had an hour outside and we had different stations, like a bounce house, games, photo booth, face painting, cookie decorating, eating (Simply Swirled even donated some FroYo!), etc.  Brynn and I were there early to set things up, and she had fun playing with some of the other teachers kids.

 Charli had fun with the 2-year old class!  (Sarah, I took all these and meant to text them to you...feel free to grab them off the blog!)

Charli's 2-year old cute!

Then Brynn's class came out (the 3 year olds).  They were having lots of fun...they decorated pumpkins...

Then took pictures in the "photo booth"...

Then headed to the bounce house...

And then went to play some games.

Next up?  FOOD!  They had popcorn, cheese balls, Simply Swirled, and drinks.

And yes, there are more than just these four girls in her class =) but the kids were divided into little groups to go around the stations so I mostly just took pictures of them.  =)  They were so cute!

I had been PRAYING the weather would hold up (there was a 90 percent chance of rain, but we were hoping it was AFTER school.  Well...about halfway through their class party the skies opened up and it POURED.  They all headed inside to eat lunch and do their party activities in their classroom, and I ran around outside like a crazy person trying to save everything from getting soaked.  I was SO SOAKED when I came in that I had to change clothes!  YUCK!

The party resumed inside...

Thankfully, the rain stopped later and the Pre-K class got to go outside and enjoy their fall party too!

Friday, October 17, 2014

I'm still here Grandma =)

This quick post is for my sweet grandparents, who check all of their grand-kids blogs each morning. (If I haven't posted in a few days my grandma checks in with me, so this is just a quick shout-out that we are still trucking along).   So Grandma and Grandpa...sorry for the lack of posts lately, but hopefully once we get moved in, we will resume more regular blog posts!  HA!

House Update - I don't know if I've posted this on here or not but we SOLD OUR HOUSE on Emory's birthday!  =)  They close on October 28, which means we gotta be OUT OF HERE by then.  CRAZY!  Life is getting a little hectic and hairy, and we are trying to start packing things up and move things over to the new house little by little.

Our new house is ALMOST's so exciting!  Just yesterday the electricians finished everything up, the carpet is being laid today, the plumber is finishing putting everything in, the painters are finishing their final touch-ups, etc.  Our builder put up most of our upstairs railing yesterday and that should be finished today.  It's really crazy how it's coming together.  Our plan is to try to move some bigger furniture next week and then next weekend to try to get everything moved over.  As crazy as I know it will be, I"m really excited about getting everything super organized and just weeding out and getting rid of stuff we don't need.  I am the TOTAL ANTI-HOARDER so moving is going to be a great opportunity to PURGE some stuff.

Okay...that's all for now!  I'm off to deliver some cookies (on that note...just last night I finished up the last batch of cookies I will bake/decorate in THIS house...that's kind of a weird thought!) and get some boxes packed up!

Monday, October 13, 2014


On September 24 my sister-in-law was scheduled to have a C-section to deliver their sweet baby!  They decided not to find out beforehand and it was really exciting wondering if they would have another girl or a little boy!  The day before, Pam took some of Sarah's besties to lunch and we had a relaxing and fun lunch to celebrate Sarah and what was getting ready to happen the VERY next day!

Sarah's c-section was scheduled for 8 am, so Brynn and I took Emory to Nonna's and headed to the hospital around 7:30.  We got to visit with Sarah and we all prayed over her before she headed out.

Sarah with her two sweet girls, Charli and Ansley.
Look how cute Sarah looked!  Her eye-liner was rocking and she looked so beautiful!

Then around 8, she headed down and we all went to the Delivery waiting area.  We couldn't wait to see the precious little baby and find out if it was a boy or a girl!

Around 8:45 Jason wheeled the sweet baby out for everyone to see...

and announced that they had their THIRD PRECIOUS LITTLE GIRL!  They named her Hollyn Monroe Bandermann...I just LOVE her name!  (Monroe was Ryan's grandpa's middle name).

This is EXACTLY what I remember Ansley looking like as a baby!

Later that night we went to eat at Chick-Fil-A with Ansley and Charli and then headed up to the hospital to visit Jason and Sarah and little Hollyn.

Brynn was SO PROUD to wear her "big sister" shirt.  She had been planning what she would wear to meet her new baby cousin for the last couple of months.  She kept telling me she HAD to wear her "hospital" shirt...she doesn't realize she only wore the "big sister" shirt at the hospital for Emory because Emory was her sister, she just thinks it's the "shirt you wear when you go to the hospital to see a new baby!"  HA!

After Pam and Rick had three boys, they now have FIVE grand-daughters!

Emory was having a BIG OLE time with Uncle Jason!

Aunt Sarah had Hollyn on a Wednesday, so the next day at our church preschool these two were my little buddies and helped me after school.

Jennilee, Emily, and I took a fun little girl's visit to see Hollyn on Thursday night.

Hollyn is PRECIOUS and we are so thankful to have our third sweet niece!   Can you even imagine what it's going to be like when all these girl cousins are 17, 15, 14, 13, and 12?  WATCH OUT!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Bowling Party

A couple of weeks ago I got to take Brynn bowling for the first time!  My friend Erin's little girl turned 4 and she had a bowling party.  It was so fun watching the girls "learn" how to bowl.