Thursday, April 17, 2014

Washington DC Day 2

This day started off with a bang...Sarah's maxi skirt got stuck in our escalator!  Thankfully she got it out before she got to the bottom, but she had grease all over her hands (and even her nose! HA!)

Then we got to breakfast and Pam's sunglasses broke!  AHHH!

This next picture is out of order...but we were riding the Metro to meet up with everyone...

We ate breakfast at this DELICIOUS French was SO GOOD!

We ordered their organic bread sampler and this basket came out that looked straight from the New Testament.  Ryan dubbed it the "Jesus Feeds the 5000 Miracle Basket!"  HA!

We walked by the White House!

One of the reasons we went this particular weekend was that it was the Cherry Blossom Festival and it was GORGEOUS!  There was  HUGE parade and it was really crowded, but SO BEAUTIFUL!

We didn't really sit to watch the parade but we were walking alongside it to get to a museum.  All of a sudden we saw AARON CARTER...HAHA!  He was singing away in the parade...hilarious!

We went to the Holocaust Museum, but didn't take any pictures.  (I don't think you are allowed).  I had been before, but Ryan hadn't.  If you've been before, then you know it is an incredible museum.  Very sad, but very important to see.

Everyone else went back to relax for awhile before supper, so Ryan and I headed to meet up with some of our good friends from college who live in DC!  Catey and I (and Lauren) were roommates our last two years at Mizzou, and it was SO GOOD to see her and Ben and little Cooper!  We ate at some local hot dog place and it was so yummy!  Then they drove us through some really cool neighborhoods where they used to live near Capitol Hill, and they dropped us off at Union Station so we could catch the Metro back.

For dinner, we headed to this Korean BBQ place that Kyle and Lance picked.  It was...INTERESTING. HA!  I thought it was going to be similar to a Hibachi Grill, but it was way more authentic.  Sarah and I ordered chicken and steak, but the boys got all these crazy things like octopus, intestine, etc.  GROSS!

I know the picture is blurry, but notice the big ole' octopus in the middle/bottom!  AHHH!

They had some crazy LOUD music pumping...Sarah and I were having a BLAST watching some Korean music videos!  And this lady kept coming over to cook the intestine...she was a pro!  And then she kept trying to get me to eat it...NO WAY!

The boys wanted us to try the intestine and octopus...NOPE!

Intestine anyone?
I can't remember why Rick started laughing so much, but he got so tickled and he has the funniest laugh and the boys always make fun of him when he's laughing!  Here is Jason's impression...

And good ole' Rick always takes it so well...

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Washington DC Day 1

We have had a whirwind long "weekend" visiting Ryan's brother in Washington DC!  (Kyle is finishing up his doctorate by completing a year-long internship at Walter Reed Medical Hospital right outside DC.  He will graduate with his doctorate from the University of Tennessee this fall, and then will be stationed with the Navy in GUAM!)

So last Thursday evening, Ryan's parents, Jason and Sarah, and me and Ryan all loaded up and flew out to DC.  We got to bed really late, but that didn't stop us from getting up early Friday morning and spending the day sightseeing in the city.  It was the weekend of the Cherry Blossom Festival and it was JUST GORGEOUS!  The weather was amazing all weekend!

The only bad part was that I forgot the camera.  On one hand I was almost glad because I knew I would have carried it around everywhere and sometimes you just can't enjoy things as much when you want to capture all the pictures, but on the other hand I'm bummed because my iPhone pics aren't CLEAR at all!  Oh a bunch of iPhone pictures of our trip will have to do.

We started off Friday morning by sightseeing around the Capitol...

Supreme Court was up next...poor Kyle had to work all day so we did our sightseeing without him, but he met up with us after work.

It looks like this next picture is the real Supreme Court chamber, but it's actually just a replica inside a glass box...HA!

Jason, Sarah, Ryan, me, and Lance...we felt bad that Kyle was missing out so we sent him
lots of pictures.  =)
One of the best parts of Friday was that one of my best friends lives in DC and we were able to meet her for lunch!

Meredith told us about this cool place called "Good Stuff Eatery" (I think??) and it is a restaurant from someone off the Food Network.  It was burgers, fries, and shakes, and it was AMAZING!

We left the Burger Place and headed to our Senator's office for a tour of the Capitol Building!

Ryan in front of Senator Roy Blunt's office...

You can just call your Senator's office and they can hook you up with tickets of tours.  It was really cool!  (Pam tried to call a couple of months ago to get us tickets to tour the White House too, but we didn't get those.)  One of Senator Blunt's staff assistant's took our group on the tour.  We even got to ride this little trolley thing that takes the Senator's from their office buildings to the actual Capitol Building when they are in session.

There were some really cool exhibits in the actual Capitol Building Visitor's Center and then we headed to the Capitol Rotunda.  Ryan decided to take a selfie under the huge Capitol dome...clearly the picture doesn't do the dome justice at all.  =)

Where Ryan is standing is where lots of important people (who have died) lie in Abe Lincoln, etc.  And if you notice the scaffolding...they were working on stuff in the Rotunda and we got really lucky because they were closing it down the very next day (for two weeks) to work on it.

I can't remember what this picture is...HA!

We also got to go in the House of Representatives's where the House meets and also where they have the State of the Union address.  We weren't allowed to take pictures, but it was smaller than I thought.  It was so cool to think that this was where so many famous speeches and things happen!

Then we headed to the Library of Congress.  It was SO beautiful!

From one of the upstairs windows you could see the Capitol Building and the Washington
Monument in the was really pretty!

One of the exhibits was Thomas Jefferson's library.
Once Kyle got off work we met up with him at a Mexican Restaurant near DuPont Circle...YUM!  (I of course got to spend 15 of those minutes pumping in a bathroom stall...HA!)

Then we hopped on the Metro and headed back to our hotel for the night...the next day was the Cherry Blossom Festival and we had lots to see!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

And This is What Suppertime Looks Like Now...

Emory has graduated to the big girl high-chair!  CRAZY!  She can start having little bites of melts and puffs so now while we are eating we can feed her baby food and let her "attempt" to feed herself her little "treats."  HA!  The other night when we were ALL sitting around the table Brynn kept squealing and saying "LOOK GUYS...WE ALL AT THE TABLE!"   

Starting to feed herself little puffs and melts...

I think most people do this, but Ryan is probably the funniest...he always opens his mouth and makes a face while he is feeding Emory.  It's like a subconscious thing but it cracks me up!

LOVE that Emory can now sit up at the table WITH us instead of hanging out in a little bouncy seat next to us!  SO SWEET!