Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Cruise Saturday - Boarding the Ship

Saturday morning we were up bright and early to load up our stuff at the hotel and get ready to head to the port.  The girls were SO EXCITED!

We had to take a special shuttle bus from our hotel to the was hilarious.  The people in the front were clapping everytime someone would get on and being all crazy Disney.  We were like "oh my gosh is this how everyone is going to be?"  And of course then Ryan and Jason had to get in on the craziness and sing Disney songs and cheer for everyone...hilarious!

Emory is quite obsessed with Uncle "J J" as she calls him.  She LOVES her some Uncle JJ!

Sarah the crafting guru was working on Disney projects as we drove in the shuttle...hilarious!

And then we drove up and saw this!  The girls couldn't believe how huge the boat was!

Getting our luggage to the right place...

We walk in this huge boarding area and they were playing Disney music and all of a sudden I hear Emory yell "MIMMIE!"  Well Minnie and Mickey and some characters were standing there waving and taking pictures with people and I just lost I seriously started crying!  HA!  Ryan was dying laughing and calling me "Rene" but it just kind of hit me how excited the girls were and how fun this was going to be.  Anyway - thankfully the sappy moment passed before too many people saw me and were probably laughing at the crazy lady crying while looking at Mickey HAHAHAHA!  (Unless of course they heard Ryan yelling "oh my gosh Whitney are you crying?  Seriously?  Let me take a picture and send it to your mom...are you CRYING?   Jason...Whitney''s over here crying when Emory saw Mickey...YADA YADA YADA!"  HA!)

We were so ready to get on the boat but there are so many little steps to cross off...places to check in, take your luggage, sign your kids up for stuff, etc.  We were waiting in one line and I was trying to keep Emory occupied and I was trying to get out these beads and pipe cleaners.  Somehow when I pulled the bag out I pulled it upside down and I seriously spilled an ENTIRE LARGE BAG of colored pony beads ALL OVER the tile floor.  Like...THEY. WENT. EVERYWHERE.  YIKES!  And funny at the same time.  I had to just laugh.  People from all over the place were coming up handing me beads...GOOD TIMES...

Finally it was TIME TO BOARD!

When we walked through the walkway and actually walked into the "lobby" (can you call it a lobby...whatever the huge beautiful middle area you walk into is called?") it was just GORGEOUS!  They announced "please welcome to the Disney cruise the Bandermann family" and people were cheering and the girls were so excited.  I'm not sure if we took pictures because we were filming...but it was so neat!  (I'm having trouble loading any more pictures into this post so I'll try to post those pics later)

Then we set off to explore our ship!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

It's CRUISE time! Friday - Traveling to Orlando

We headed out on Friday morning to drive to St. Louis.  We stopped and did a little shopping and got some lunch before heading to the airport.

We stopped at Nordstrom to pick up some shoes for the girls and Brynn was so excited about her balloon!

When you are in St. Louis with Pam and Rick you go to Red Robin for lunch!  =)  They are quite obsessed with that place...and it is good!

And then we headed to the airport...oh boy.  Traveling with a lot of luggage and two kids is quite interesting...I'm not sure how people who have even more kids than that do it...whew!

Neither one of our girls had ever been on an airplane before...Brynn was SO excited!

Between Ryan and I and our girls, and Jason and Sarah and their three girls...we were a bit of a hot mess in the  check-in line.  HA!

Exhibit A...

Killing some time while we waited to board...

And then all of a sudden we saw "JOJO!"  (Nonna's son Jody!)  He had just gotten back from watching some of the Masters golf tournament and his plane that pulled in was OUR plane heading to Orlando!  How crazy is that!  We had to send Mrs. Abby and Paisley and Nonna our pic!

Time to board...look out Southwest Airlines...the Bandermann girls are heading your way!

Our flight left around 2 and we purposely hadn't let Emory take a nap or fall asleep in the car because we figured she would konk out as soon as we flew if we gave her the "night night blankie".  Within about five minutes she was OUT!  Success!

Hi Ansley!

And then after the snacks, Brynn fell asleep.  Success #2! =)

Landing in Orlando!

We took a shuttle to Cape Canavral, FL, which is where we were going to board the ship the next day.

We ate at a fun seafood restaurant before calling it a night.  We looked out and the boys were having a dance party outside...HA!

 The next morning it was TIME TO BOARD THE CRUISE SHIP! =)