Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Emory Faces

We took a few pictures of Emory the other day to use in her little birthday invitation.  So sweet!

LOVE THIS LITTLE BABY (yep...she is STILL a BABY!!!!!!!!!!) TO PIECES!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Forts and Icing

Snapped some pictures of the girls playing the other day...Brynn was attempting to read to Emory.

Then they got their chairs out and were making a "fort."  Actually, Brynn just spread a bunch of blankets around and Emory would crawl up the chairs and roll onto the blankets and pillows...they were quite entertained!

Brynn loves to help "decorate"...I always make extra cookies in case one breaks or I mess up, so I usually have stuff left over for her to mess with.  The other day she decorated some baby cookies...I was pretty impressed!  She was so proud of herself because she was trying to "stay in the lines" on her pink cookie.  She did a pretty good job!

And yes, my table is always so much fun to clean when she gets done.  I don't know why I don't put something down...someday I'll learn! =)

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Emory - 10 months (at 11 months! HA!)

Contrary to the title of this post, Emory just turned 11 months old!  WHAT?  I just can't believe it!  Anyway - I was going through the pictures on my camera and realized I never even posted these!  Since she's already 11 months, I'm not going to write anything down about 10 months, but I still wanted to post these from her little photo shoot.

She is crawling all over the place, pulling up, and getting into everything!  =)

Brynn took these next few pictures...

And then she wanted to "hold" Emory for a picture...I think Emory's face is PRICELESS!

HAPPY 10/11 MONTHS EMORY! (11 month post coming soon.)

Friday, August 15, 2014

Cookie Pics

Here are some cookies from the last few weeks...

My friend Sonya's birthday party...she loves serving in Kenya.  (To make these Ryan actually used the iPad to trace an outline of Africa and then I traced it on the cookie before outlining it).  I thought they turned out really cool!

Sonya's favorite, coffee, Africa.

My pastor's wife sells Rodan and Fields and she always orders some for her meetings.

Disney birthday party for sweet Birkley!

Paxton's dog-themed birthday party.

A church had a wind/water/waves VBS theme and ordered these for one day of their snack.

Evidently my pastor sneaks his wife's Rodan and Field's cookies so for his birthday he got his own batch.  He played football at Baylor and I was so excited to get to make some football cookies!

"Girly moustache" cookies.

Lots of Frozen cookies...someone remind me to charge $10 a cookie next time I have to make Anna dresses...HA!

Lots of dresses for wedding shower favors...(sorry I can't figure out how to turn these pictures around).

Now that I'm back to work three days a week at our church preschool I'm trying to only take 2-3 orders a week for my sanity...HA!  It really helps that I usually plan out my week on Sunday night and figure out how many batches of dough I need for the week.  Then I usually mix all that up on Sunday or Monday night and store it in the fridge.  I usually bake ALL the cookies for the week on Tuesday and then go from there.  It has gotten a lot easier because I know how to store my icing ahead of time, and I can keep the icing and start on a batch of cookies, stop, start again if I need to, etc.  It has turned into a fun little side job and I'm really enjoying it!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Favorite Friday Night

Something we do a lot on Friday nights is go to Paglia's Pizza.  It's downtown across from Houck Fieldhouse (where SEMO plays football) and the college.  My dad actually worked at Paglia's when he was in college, and it reminds me somewhat of Shakesphere's pizza from Columbia (somewhere we used to eat all the time in college).  Anyway - we go there a lot on Fridays and then we usually try to walk over to the football stadium and let the girls run around on the field.  The other Friday we ate at Paglia's and then walked over to the stadium.  It ended up being closed up because they were painting.  So we headed downtown by the river to get ice cream from Port Cape.  We got our ice cream and looked out on the river.  It was such a fun night with the girls!  

Don't let Emory's cool demeanor fool you...this child wanted my ice cream so bad.   I would give her a little taste and then she would eat it and scream bloody murder until I gave her another little lick...I could not stop laughing!

It was such a nice evening outside...we walked around some of the downtown shops and even took a family selfie...we all had weird faces. =)

And just for fun...another little selfie from the other day...

I love the special little memories we are making with the girls!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

More July Fun...

More random happenings from the Bandermann household...

Brynn is finally wearing her Sofia outfit more and sister was SO EXCITED about giving this to Brynn for Christmas and it was a little underwhelming...HA!  But for whatever reason, it has become quite the craze lately!

We went to Paxton's birthday party and the girls had fun at Discovery Playhouse.  And we got to see Granny and Pawpaw!

My Uncle Bruce does siding for a living and he has been working on our house.  My dad has been his right hand man and they have been working their tails off!  Thanks guys!

My aunt also helps but she wouldn't really let me take pictures of her...I snuck this picture.  Looking good Aunt Tina!  

Sometimes we ride bikes in our swimsuit...don't you?  Ryan says this is her "triathlon" outfit.

The first couple weeks of gymnastics she wouldn't even let her teacher flip her over, and now she can do "skin the cat" all by herself!  It's pretty cool to watch her...our little athlete!

This was from Emory's first ride in the bike carrier.

How big does she look?  Oh my goodness!

My friend Kelly trained for her FIRST 5K and me, Mrs. Lisa, and Kelly all ran it together.  We had a really good time together!


One of our favorite summer meals...cut up a couple of italian sausages, several potatoes, zuchinni, several colors of peppers, and a couple of red onions.  Mix with olive oil and salt and pepper and then put in grill packets.  SO YUMMY!

Brynn was helping scoop...

Don't you guys wear your gymnastics leotard, winter sock cap, and your Sofia dress up shoes outside in the middle of July?  We do!

When we were in Dallas Brynn sent Ryan several text messages...

In the afternoons we love to go outside and swim and swing.

Holy cow that was a lot of randomness...but a lot of fun randomness!