Wednesday, December 10, 2014

This is how camping SHOULD be....

 Several weekends ago (actually, I just found these pictures and they are from even BEFORE our camping debacle) Ryan and Brynn decided to CAMP downstairs.  Again, this was BEFORE we decided we never wanted to sleep in a tent again.  (Actually if you read my post about our camping trip then you know how miserable I was...but Brynn had a good time, and Ryan was sprawled out on our air mattress taking up 75 percent of the room, so really it was just me and Emory awake all night, huddled up freezing cold, and Ryan and Brynn seeming to have a decent time...clearly I'm still not over that night.  HA!)

Anyway - Ryan and Brynn set up the tent downstairs (these are from the old house) and had a big ole' time.  Maybe I should have camped like this...I'm sure it would have been MUCH more fun!  =)

Playing dress-up in the tent.  HA!

 ??? HA!

And some random pictures of Emory at Pamaw's house...

Monday, December 8, 2014

Random iPhone Catch-Ups

Time for a random catch-up of photos from my phone...some are from our OLD house!  

Brynn LOVES to help "decorate" my extra cookies with the leftover icing.  

Emory was playing hide and seek where the new dishwasher would go (before we moved).

Old house stuff...special McDonald's dinner??

Helping move some boxes in...and driving around in the new basement.

Some mornings its just hard to get up...

The week right after we moved in somebody was under the weather...

Sorry Ryan...

Several weekends ago Ansley played in an All-Star soccer tournament and we got to watch a couple was so fun!

The cousin crew (minus baby Hollyn...oh, well she's asleep in the stroller so all five are present!)


Our washer and dryer are ones my parents bought me in college.  We bought them from a guy who "refurbishes" (is that a word?) old appliances, and thought they'd last through college.  Well, 10 years later that WERE still going strong for the Bandermann household but have finally bitten the dust.  So I took the girls to Sears to look for appliances.  They thought the cart was SO FUN!  (At least until the snacks ran out...)

Decorating a tree upstairs with the girls!

We both needed haircuts a couple of weeks ago...

Kyle and Lance were able to come home the weekend before Thanksgiving before they moved to GUAM!  Pam and Rick had kind of an open-house bonfire thing and we busted out some old videos.  We got to re-watch the one of Kyle ripping his pants when he was about is the best home video I've ever seen.  They totally should have entered it on America's Funniest Home Videos...they would have won!

I don't know why my pictures won't move around, but hanging out at the bonfire!

We had an early Thanksgiving before the guys left...Emory can put it away!

And all 5 of the girls (even Emory and Hollyn....that only took a few years off Sarah and me) put their hand-prints on a plate and gave it to Uncle Kyle as a gift before he left.

Being silly with Miss Alaina at Thanksgiving...

Life has kind of flown by in a crazy blur these past several weeks, but it's been filled with lots of fun and special memories!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Pumpkin Painting and HAPPY HALLOWEEN

We had a great week leading up to Halloween!  My parents were going to be out of town the weekend of Halloween so they invited the girls over a couple of nights before so they could give them a few little treats.

On Halloween morning we headed to my friend Jennilee's house to do a little pumpkin painting with the girls.  How big does Emory look?  I don't know why that little barrette makes her look so old!

Painting away...

Then we headed to a Halloween lunch at Chick-Fil-A!

After lunch we headed to Cape Town to visit Ryan's great-grandma and to show her our costumes....the residents were LOVING seeing all the kids in their costumes.  And several friends/cousins were there.

After naps and a quick supper we headed to my friend Heather's house to do some trick-or-treating!  Our church hosts block parties in neighborhoods and they were hosting one.  We hung out there and let the kids trick or treat around her neighborhood.

It was COLD!  Lyla and Emory got all bundled in the wagon...

Brynn and Millie =)  Good thing we had already done some trick-or-treating the week was SO COLD you couldn't really see anyone's costumes!