Wednesday, November 25, 2015

This and That

Sometimes these girls annoy the heck out of each other and sometimes they play SO WELL together.  

Ran a couple of errands and had to stop by Sears...they LOVE any store that has fun carts.  =)

Wearing our Mizzou shirts to school one day...praying we would get a win (or just a TOUCHDOWN!)

Brynn can be so shy when she sees people, but Emory is usually QUITE the opposite.  =)  The college kids came over to help pack shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child and Emory loves to love on them all...=)

And how crazy is this...Kaley goes to our church and her boyfriend goes to SBU and knows my cousins!  SMALL WORLD!

Did Emory's 2 year pics and they turned out so good!  LOVE THIS LITTLE CRAZY GIRL!

We got to watch Ansley's last soccer tournament of the season...GO ANS!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

College Games and Redhawk Basketball

We usually have some crazy game before our lesson on Sundays...on this particular Sunday we had the college kids try and solve one of those crazy puzzle things...

Not sure these guys always love my crazy games...HA!  But they humor me and always act like they are having fun...

November meant the start of basketball season so we are loving cheering on Ashton and Kaley at the Redhawks games...Brynn and one of her buddies Bella were HILARIOUS cheering on the girls.  I'm pretty sure they made the dance cam a couple of times...HA!

Brynn wasn't too sure about high-fiving the team until Bella and Emma and Andrew got there...

WOOHOO!  Little blurry but we loved watching Ashton and Kaley run out!


Monday, November 23, 2015

Halloween 2015

Halloween was so fun this turned out to be a little different than normal...but it worked out just fine the way it did.  Because we had already done a huge trick or treating thing the weekend before at the campgrounds, I didn't feel like it was a huge deal that the girls didn't get to spend an hour or two trick or treating door to door.  The weather was rainy and yucky and our church didn't have our usual big block parties, so we didn't really get together with our friends like normal.  We missed seeing everyone but it just turned into a low-key night of visiting some family and elderly people from our church...


We got all ready and then since we weren't going to be home we set out a tub of candy by our front door and Brynn wrote this sign "1, 2, 3, take one, two, or three."  HA!

We usually stop by my parents first just so they can see the girls in their costumes...we had a yummy jack-o-lantern pizza and then trick or treated to a couple of houses in their friends from when I was growing up...they love to see the girls dressed up.

Then we got to visit Uncle Melvin (my great-uncle) in the nursing home.  He was THRILLED to see the girls (they used to live close to us at our old house and he always gave the girls candy anytime we took a walk by his Brynn brought candy for HIM this time!)

We visited with several elderly patients (we didn't even know them but them seeing the girls was just adorable...I think it made some of their nights!)  And you know Emory...she just hugged and kissed on anyone walking through! HA!

Then we stopped by Ryan's grandma and visited with her and then we stopped by one of Emory's teachers house...she's older and her lights were off.  I called her and she said for us to come on and sneak in.  As soon as she turned her light on people started walking up to her house...Ryan yelled out "sorry guys this is my grandma (HAHA!...No Mrs. Diane is not his grandma!) and she's not having trick or treaters!) I know that doesn't even sound funny now but we all snuck in and laughed so hard.  She gave the girls some drinks and fruit snacks and just kept saying how special it was that we came by (her husband has dementia and is in the Veteran's Home).  

We stopped by Nonna's house too!

On the way home we stopped by Mrs. Desera's house (Brynn's teacher who lives in our neighborhood) and she gave the girls some awesome treats! (Which we had some come home and model...)

It was such a great night!

Friday, November 20, 2015

iPhone randoms...October

Brynn's class did a special Garden of Eden unit and one of the cool things they did was try a bunch of fruits that would have been in the Garden...including pomegranates, dates, figs, etc.

They've been working on beginning writing stuff and they were working on some letters in a sentence...

The girls got some special Grandma/Grandpa time while we were at the College mom sent me these pics...they went to Barnes and Noble to look around and then to Bath and Body for a couple of "hanitizers."

And some crafts with Grandma...

I made about 400 Halloween cookies...YIKES!  Our house was covered in cats, bats, pumpkins, and ghosts ALL DAY!  =)

We have loved fall!  "Look Mommy...we playin punkin patch!"

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Halloween Cookies and a HAYRIDE

I did about 35 dozen cookies for Halloween!  AHHH!  As crazy as those three or four days is actually really fun to do holiday cookies and I'm loving that I'm only working on cookies a few days a month.  My house was a little crazy...

The Friday before Halloween I had cookie pick-up and then that night the girls had a sleepover with my parents while Ryan and I headed out with the College group on a HAYRIDE!  We had a blast!  

We had the hayride out at Sarah's parents cabin/farm and so we took the church shuttle there...

I didn't really drive...HA!  Everyone dressed up and the costumes were awesome!

We had some hayride entertainment...I love these girls so much and they did a Napoleon Dynamite skit that was HILARIOUS.  I literally could not see I was laughing SO HARD.

Emory's boyfriend =) Mr. Caleb went as Wilson from Home Improvement...GENIUS!

Friday, November 13, 2015

Grandpa's Helper

Nothing like learning how to "mow" than helping mulch and rake and pick up Grandpa's leaves...

I sent these pics to Ryan and he goes "WHOA...IS THAT THING ON??"  HA!  No worries...Grandpa was right by her...

She was SO PROUD of herself!

If you've got a pile of leaves to pick know who to call.  =)