Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Bye Bye Blog

Well...all good things must come to an end, right?  For the time being, I'm taking a break from blogging and to be honest, I'm really excited.  One of the main reasons I did the blog in the first place was because I wanted to be able to print out my pictures, and by putting them in the blog, and then using a website that printed my blog into a "book", I would have my pictures for the girls to see when they get older.  The problem is, the books are really expensive and the pictures are pretty small.  Like when I look back on them when I'm 60 I probably won't even be able to see the pictures.  HA!  It also takes a lot of time.  With the girls getting older and becoming more involved in activities and sports, it's just not something I have a lot of time for.  So I've decided to start using a different photo app that will let me upload my pictures directly from my phone into a book that's much cheaper. I think it's going to be the perfect solution for our family.  Bigger and better pictures in a book and takes way less time.  I will miss sharing our lives with all of you, but you can still follow me on Instagram (Grandma...I'm so proud of you for having this!) to keep up with what's going on in our family.  Thanks for sharing our family journey over the last few years!


  1. Oh no! Whitney I've got to say I will miss you. I found your blog through your cousin Erika. I've loved following you. I loved that your blog was so real and likable. I follow you on Instagram (I am catsam80), I actually made a comment yesterday that I needed an update..ha! Love from Sam in Australia. xoxo

  2. I understand your decision. I am a horrible blogger these days. You are busy lady and are going to get busier. I am so happy you are family because I can always be in the know! Love you

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